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Music & Audio Services

  • Audio Mastering and Re-Mastering for multiple formats, including Peak Level (DbFs) and Loudness (LUFS) optimizations for YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon Streaming Services, as well as Full-Spec (Red Book) Audio CD Mastering, including EAN sub-codes. We use the latest DSP-powered, component-modelled mastering plugins, cutting-edge EQ's based on auditory perception models, classic and novel phase and psycho-acoustic processors, along with the latest A.I. based enhancement tools, all guided by an engineer with decades of experience mixing for major-label artists.

  • Audio Part Separation and Removal, using the latest technology to pull multiple tracks from stereo mixes or master recordings, not only allowing clean vocal removal for re-mixes, or for backing tracks and Karaoke tracks, but the separation of drum, bass, guitar, and keyboard tracks into individual stems.

  • Noise-reduction and Audio Repair, allowing hissy, noisy, crackly, and even over-compressed or clipped recordings to be fixed after the fact. If you have old cassette or VCR tapes, vinyl, or live recordings that need repair, let us know!

  • Re-pitching and Re-Voicing, allowing songs to not only be transposed up or down to different keys, but to have chord voicings and melodies altered on full mixes, relatively quickly. Vocal parts can be extracted from master recordings and pitch-corrected. Tempos, and sometimes even rhythmic feel can also be changed after-the-fact.


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