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Visual Media

  Dagur & Nótt ("Day & Night", in Icelandic) Visual Media specializes in cutting-edge online media creation, production, and editing services, including 2D and 3D Graphics, Illustration, Digital Painting, 3D Animation, and Role-Playing Game Avatar Creation, for both casual and professional markets. With many years of experience in Merchandise Development, 3d Animation, and Graphic Design fields, with the latest in A.I. assisted tools, Dagur & Nótt gets you a finished product not only quickly, but at a previously unheard-of quality. From 3d Modelled Character and Scene Illustrations, to Animated Avatar generation, 3d Logo and Spinner Design, to Digitally Painted Photographs and Images, Dagur and Nótt can get you pro Click each icon below for more...


Digital Photo & Video

Colourization + Digital 

Photo Editing / Painting:

3d Animations

3d Roleplaying

Character Avatars:

Graphic Design &

3D Animated Logos:

The Electronic Novel,


Audio & Music Services:


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