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A Unique Fantasy Novel, Written, Illustrated and Scored by Jeffery George Carter. Available soon on iBooks and Amazon.


Earth is long forgotten, but not forgotten for long. A thousand years into the future, on a distant planet named Arcadia, a lost strain of humanity has developed a peculiar new society. 


Cars and planes are yet to be invented, zeppelins and hot air balloons float gracefully through the sky, rich men stroll down the high streets wearing top hats, and the earliest factories have begun to produce the first dirty stages of a burgeoning new industrial revolution.


In fact, society is much like it was long, long ago back on Earth, in England during the Victorian Era...which is all quite strange, when you consider that the average Arcadian has never heard of England, or the planet Earth for that matter. Stranger still that their common language is English. 


But there are differences, of course: for one, every thirteen years, Arcadians experience a cosmic phenomenon known as the Passing, as their sister planet Edenia's orbital path brings it very, very close to Arcadia. During the Passing, Edenia looms larger in the sky than either of Arcadia's twin moons, Kuu and Kaa, with its surface obscured by a swirling red atmosphere which hides a secret that would answer many questions yet create many, many more.


An Illustrated Novel by

Jeff George Carter 

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